Mature Section


This section is separate from the rest of the registered section.
The reason for this is because there are items here that I would
not want my children looking at because of either violence,
language or mature themes.  There are no pictures of people
without clothes doing adult things here

(the reason for my wording is I don't want to have this section
blocked because of a site blocker that works on key words. So
my wording will hopefully let you know what I'm trying to say
without using any site blocking vocabulary)

There are some pictures of people without clothes in some of the
cartoons or mpeg's. Some of the things you will find here might
make you wonder why they are here because you think that it doesn't
have any mature themes.  The thing is I look out for my children and
I would not feel comfortable to have them see the things here. 
If anyone disagrees then too bad because it's my site and my
children.  Other than that if you find any of the things here
offensive, again sorry but you were warned about what it contained
when you signed up for this section.  With that I will leave you
to browse at will. 

Have fun and keep your hands and all other
body parts inside the ride at all times.


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