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Here is where you can get help with your PC problems. Just click on the e-mail me button and I will get back with you as soon as I can.  I'm in school and work full time so there's little time to do anything but work and study so please be patient while waiting for a response. I'll give you a format of what I will need to help diagnose the problem. The more information you can provide the better. 

I will add a from to this page. Please fill it out as completely as possible because the more information the more precise I can get with my answers. Also I have to put this disclaimer on here because of all the B.S. lawsuits flying around. This is just to cover my butt so I hope it doesn't take away from your confidence in me. First off to let you know a little about me. My forte is hardware and hardware solutions. The first two pc's I ever had were prebuilt systems. The rest of the systems I have had have been built by myself. The systems that this web site is on have been built by me and I'm hosting this web site myself from my home basement. If you check into what it takes to host your own web site you will see that I have a little more than just a little understanding of pc's and how they work. Now for my disclaimer.

The advice given here is just that, ADVICE. I can't make anyone do anything that they don't want to. If any of the advice given here causes problems for you or your pc I in no way will be responsible for any damages suffered by you. This includes but is not limited to physical damage to you, your hardware or loss of data.  I in no way will take any responsibility whither it be monetary or labor related. I am only giving advice on possible solutions. The final decision to follow the advice is your decision. By choosing to follow this advice you take full responsibility for any results of the actions.


I hate having to put that on here but the last thing I need is someone sewing me because they killed their pc by giving it a static shock or even worse someone not smart enough to make sure the pc is unplugged and shocking themselves to death or some other thing else. I can tell you I will not try to steer you wrong. All the solutions I give here will be with the intent to fix your problem. But because I'm not there and don't have the pc in front of  me I might not have all the information I need. Also anyone who works on pc's can tell you though there is a logical reason for everything that happens with them but sometimes those reasons are so off the wall that they are missed. Also with the different programs that are out there they all change the pc programming in a little way in most cases. So the programs the more complicated the solutions. Some programs will cause others not to work and there is no way around that. That is just a fact of PC life. Again I will try to help the best I can.

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