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This is my pages dedicated to showing pride and support I have for my

country. This nation has given so much to so many and rarely

gets the respect it deserves, even from it's own people. Many men

have given their lives so I and others can have the freedoms we have.

Many flags are just cloth but the USA flag is a symbol of our freedoms

and the men who paid the ultimate cost for those. It's not just the fallen

but their families and those who may have been that have suffered this cost

too. So for those of you who burn, stomp, tear or otherwise deface this flag,

may you get the true reward for your actions that you deserve. Whether

it be on this planet or in the after life may you pay for your actions

with the pain and blood of the fallen on your hands.

WOW. I really get going don't I. Oh well, I feel that not enough

people show the respect due to this great nation. So many times we

have gone a crossed the seas to help out our fellow man and give

the lives of our people so that others could have freedoms

or not have to suffer at the hands of oppressors only to have those

very same people hate and despise us.

I've had change things around here for those of you

who are used to the old format.  Just look around and you will

be able to find everything.


Words can't explain how this picture makes me feel.


To see my comments on this video and the desire to have it please go to my rant page.
 Please support this man by buying this album. The album has been released since I
first started this section and yes I did but it. Still here is the video and below that a
link to the song. There is a very large file and unless you have high speed internet I
wouldn't suggest that you try to watch this version. On an average dial-up
connection you are looking at about 1 hour to get it. I have made a smaller one
for dial-up but the video and sound quality is not be very good but it should only
take you about 6 minutes to get it. Though it is faster to get I still would
recommend the large file due to the increased quality.


  Have You Forgotten -Large   Have You Forgotten - Small  


Daryl Worley - Have You Forgotten.mp3


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