Updates......Please Read If You know me.
Well.... Good news and more good news this time guys. Good news is the site is still
going to be getting a lot more content for a little while.  I've been going to see a specialist
at the Huntsman Cancer Center and the second operation has left me cancer free at this
time.  I'm really cut up but I'm going to make it. I will need time to recover from the surgeries
though. For more info see my personal section about me.  If any of you have questions I'm
unfortunately still at my mothers house so you can reach me here or e-mail me.

Click here for more information about this.

P.S. To all the hackers I asked that you...Please cut me some slack because I was  not at the top
of my game and a break from trying to plug any new holes you find in the site would be nice.
Trying to see who is better, you trying to hack in or me keeping you out  is not how I want to spend
this portion of my life. I still have been having problems with people trying to hack in. To those of you
I just want to let you know that you're A_HOLES. I Little compassion would have been nice but I guess
some people are too wrapped up in themselves to care about anyone else. I just hope you get to
go to that special place in hell reserved for people like yourselves. To those of you who
stopped. Thank you.

OK. One down many to go. The public fun pics is back with a vengeance with a total
of 20 galleries.