Below are Links to my different emulator sections.  I have had a passion for emulation games for some time now.  As I built this section of my site I decided that I really wanted to know a little more about the systems that were being emulated. Because of this in each section you will find out a little history that I was able to uncover about the different systems. Some have a lot of detail and some just a small bit.  Some of the more rare systems have been quite hard to dig up information on but I have done my best. If you have been to other emulation sites you will find that I have a rather large selection here and a lot more detail about what the original game system was about. I wont go as far to say that it is the biggest emulation site on the web but if it's not it's rather close. Some of the games here are hacks done by programmers and are not the original game releases. If you know of a game that is not listed here and would like to have it here let me know and I will do my best to find it and get it posted. I guess that is enough rambling about this site so on to the same old repetitive legal stuff once again just for a CYA on my part.  I know that I have said this before but this is the last time just for the heck of it. 

The important thing to remember here is if you don't own the title that you download you must delete the file within 24 hours.  These are for back-up purposes only. All the games here are fully functional and complete.  So if you do own them then you can keep it and play it on your PC instead of having to break out that old game system.  At the bottom of this page is a legal disclaimer for this emulator section.  Before clicking on any of the system links you must read and agree to the disclaimer.  If you don't agree then don't click on any of the links.  Sorry but in today's world I have to make this clear.





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Atari 800XL

  Atari Jaguar   Atari Lynx   Coleco Adam   Coleco Vision
Commodore 16


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I source all of my ROM's/Images from very reliable sources, there is a possibility that some of these ROM's/Images MAY contain viruses that could affect the emulated platform. This is extremely rare and so far NO ROM's/Images on this site have been found to contain viruses. Of course these are viruses which should not attack your PC Operating System. For a good FREE virus program please visit www.grisoft.com and download their free personal version.

Emulation Software
An emulator "copies" the way another machine works. This can sometimes be very risky for your PC and MAY cause damage. If in the event any of the emulators/software on this site cause any form of damage, I cannot be held responsible. The authors of the emulators/software on this site normally include their own terms of use in the readme's. I would recommend reading them.