This is going to be a plain bland page. This is just to let you know that because of the hard drive crash I had a year or so ago I have noticed the there are section on the music that are not correct. The file will read as one song but when played it is another song that was mixed into the other songs code. I am having the most problems in the pop and rock sections. You might click on a Beatles song and it will start in the middle of a rap, country or metal song. This is not an error on my part but that of the recovery software that I used to try to save the site.  When you find these errors please write me in detail the section, group and song that is not correct.  Please be patient with me because I have notice while remaking these pages that the software I use locks up when it finds songs that have been so scrambled that it is no longer recognized as an mp3 anymore.  there is a lot of damage and it will take some time to fix it.  First I have to find the damaged files. Then I must go through my cd's and find that cd. Rip the cd and then place it where it belongs. as you can imagine when I build this section in the first place it took me almost 3 months and fixing it will most likely tame me even longer. Sorry for the inconvenience since I know this is the section that most of you come to my site for.  I will also be updating other parts of my site to try to keep in new so I won't be able to devote all my time to the music section.  In time it will be back to it's full glory but till then just bear with me and give me all the help you can. I will put a link to my e-mail address on the next page so you can submit any problems found by clicking on it. In the subject line list what type of problem it is (dead link, scrambled song, misspelled word) then in the body list the details.  Thank you for you help all and enjoy what you can so far.  Just click the button below to continue on to the mp3 section. One last thing. I have never been the worlds greatest speller and you my find typo's or all out misspelled words. Let me know about those as well so I can fix them.