I told you I would get them and here they are.
Depending on your connection and how many people are on mine
Will depend on how the movie plays out. You MUST have a
broadband connection or this will take you forever to watch.
When you select the movie and it starts hit the pause button.
Let it sit loading for about 15 minuets then hit play again.
If I don't have more than 3 people on my site at the same time you
should be able to watch the movie through without it stopping.
If I have more people or your connection is slow this time frame
may be a little longer. Depending on the rating you may have to
put your password in a few times for the more mature movies.
Yes children I'm still a dad on the internet and you can't watch
those kind of movies till your old enough. I have broken the
categories into General and Adult. If you aren't old enough to
to be in the adult don't even try because you cant get there
from here. Some of the selections are series so those may take
you to other pages but I think you can figure it out. Well not
much more to say other than to HAVE FUN.



General                               Mature

Movies in HD


Below is a list of DVD's that I own and will have on the above area
to watch but as you can see there are quite a few so this is going
to be a very long process. Just be patient and they will be available at
some time. There are two ways to view them.  One will be to just look
at the titles and the other has covers and a bit more info on the DVD itself.

Just Titles                 Full INFO